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After School at the Farm

Farm After School for 3rd - 8th Graders


Mondays through Thursdays from October 5th to November 6th, 2020 3:30-5:00pm

How the program works:

The goal of the program is to safely connect children and youth to the life on the farm. There will time to visit with our barn yard critters each time and a chance to explore another fun corner of the farm each week.

Children and youth will be grouped by age of no more than 6 with their own instructor. We will accept no more than 18 children total per day.

There are three indoor spaces with lots of ventilation-barns with big doors at either end if a covered space is needed.

Cost: $140

Choose one day a week between Monday and Thursday for five weeks and enjoy a different theme each week:

Week One: Farm and Wild Animals Who Live Here

Meet barnyard animals and find habitats of the wild animals that live at the farm. Help with animal chores. Choose your spirit animal. Begin work on a Spirit Animal T-shirt that we'll work on until it's complete over the weeks.

Week Two: All About Apples and Pumpkins

Hike through the woods to the orchard, learn how apples and pumpkins grow. Taste different apple varieties. Help the farmers by feeding the apple trees with mulch!  Take apples, a pumpkin and recipes to make at home.

Week 3: Woods Adventure

Explore the amazing ecosystem of the woodlands! Play one of our favorite games- Camouflage! Forage for materials and find just the right tree to build a fort with a friend!

Week Four: Meet Our Feathered Friends

Meet our cool Chickens, Quail and Ducks and learn how they are different! Learn the basics of birding and explore the farm to find wild birds- small and big. Build a life sized eagle's nest!

Week Five: Food is Amazing

Let's follow the trail from seed to snack! Out to the fields to the herb garden to the greenhouse and then to the outdoor kitchen! We'll make a yummy fresh snack and send the recipe home!


We are committed to strict COVID standards:

Pre-screening survey for each session

Masks required by all staff and children

Distancing imposed during all activities including a table for each child for cooking or crafting

All cooking or crafting materials are organized into individual supply packets with no sharing.

Continual sanitation of any commonly used spaces such as port-o-johns

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