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  • Community Supported Agriculture
    Community Supported Agriculture

It’s Time to Sign up for Your 2024 Snipes Farm CSA Share!


Purchase Your 2024 Traditional CSA Shares Here

Purchase your 2024 CSA Market Share Here

What’s a CSA Share?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It’s a long-standing partnership between a community farm like ours and the local people who wish to support our practice of sustainable, organic farming by making regular pickups of their share of our farm-fresh produce.

You Can Buy Your 2024 CSA Shares Now!
You can purchase your CSA shares now for the 2024 market season, which begins June 9 and ends November 18.

You Can Purchase CSA Shares in One of Three Ways

1)       A Traditional Full Share (Price:  $850)

Every week on a Thursday or Saturday (your choice), you pick up your share of 8-12 freshly harvested organic veggies selected by our farmers. The price covers 23 weeks of veggie shares.

2)       A Traditional Half Share (Price: $500)

A traditional farm half share differs from a full share in only one way. You pick up a full share every other week. 

Instructions for Picking Up Traditional Shares

When you purchase your choice of a traditional CSA share (full or half), you will be given a choice to pick up your share on either a Saturday or a Thursday.

Saturday Pickups: You will pick up your share at our Farm Market in the Big Red Barn during market hours (9:00 am and 1:00 pm).

Thursday Pickups: You will pick up your share at the CSA barn from 3:00 – 7:00 pm. Simply follow the signs in our driveway to find the CSA barn.

Purchase Your 2024 Traditional CSA Shares Here

3)     The third option is to purchase a Market Share Card (Price: Variable) Only for Saturday Farm Market hours.

You purchase a Market Card loaded with a pre-set amount that you can use to purchase the veggies and other select products of your choice at our Saturday Farm Market. The cards can also be used to buy our farm-fresh eggs or other products when available. Market cards can be purchased in the following amounts: $700, $500, $400 or $200.

Purchase your 2024 CSA Market Share Here

IMPORTANT: You must use the full value of your card in the year in which it is purchased. Any remaining value will not be carried over to the next year.

Questions? Contact: Michele at

Fruit at Snipes Farm

If you purchase a Market Share then you can use your prepaid member card towards fruit, jams, Mighty Cider and other special items throughout the season.  Keep this in mind when deciding which share level is right for you.  If you purchase a Traditional Share then all of these items will be available to you for cash purchase.

Fresh naturally grown fruit straight from the farm!  Some of our seasonal fruits are Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries and Melons.