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Camp Leadership Program for ages 12-14


Snipes Farm & Nature Summer Day Camp

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CAMP LEADERSHIP PROGRAM for Youth ages 13-15

The Camp Leadership Program (CLP) combines service, leadership development, skill building, adventure and fun! The program is hands-on with 80-acres on a certified organic farm and woods, creeks, fields and gardens to explore. Citizen science and camp service projects give CLP's special learning opportunities and responsibilities. Archery challenges all to be their best whether a novice or experienced and team building brings everyone together. Time with animals is a part of every day. CLP's learn about food first hand through gardening and cooking and projects with farmers. There is a weekly field trip for off-farm adventures.


Take treks at  Snipes Farm in the woods, creeks and meadow, find who lives there and learn how they are all connected. An island of life, the farm is home to many native plants, animals, pollinators and other amazing critters!. CLPs will help with habitat conservation and nature trail projects and monitor the houses for the bluebirds, an important keystone species.



Food is our fuel and extra delicious when we’ve picked blueberries, herbs and veggies from the farm.  CLPs will meet a visiting chef for an in-depth culinary arts class and cook with fresh ingredients. They will help prepare special camp snacks. They will meet farmers and lend a hand with a field project.  CLPs will meet the hens and rooster at Cluckingham Palace and ponder which came first, the chicken or the egg? 


ANIMALS TAME AND WILD July 1-5 (No camp on the 4th of July)

CLPs as camp leaders take special care throughout the summer of our barnyard critters (ducks, quail, chickens, bunnies and goats) and our bunk pets ranging from a bearded dragon, to hermit crabs and guinea pigs. They will learn about the nocturnal life of wild animals through our wildlife camera footage. CLPs will help with a summer bird count and learn which birds live here year-round or migrate. 


FARM STEM July 8-12

Learning about farming and nature is fun and fascinating through STEM adventures! There will be experiments, building projects, finding patterns based in math and STEM flash challenges. We will learn about Citizen Science and simple ways to contribute to regional or global research about the natural world. 



Artists are inspired by nature and we will be, too! There are materials all over the farm that we can use to make art and handcrafts. Drawing and painting help us to notice details that we might miss otherwise. Let’s weave, work with clay, do collage and have fun making art from nature!! 


Cooking Capers July 22- July 26

Get ready to pick fresh farm food and enjoy recipes from around the world! Meet a guest chef and learn about culinary arts. Have adventures with herbs and spices! Learn some basic cooking techniques and science that helps our food to cook.



Let’s learn about watersheds and the one we live in!  Let’s keep our eye to the sky and learn about water in all of its forms and weather . How can we use water wisely and care for our creeks? Let’s find critters in the creek and play in sprinklers to stay cool. Water will be our beverage of choice sometimes infused with beautiful fruit. 



We finish our camp season with games and challenges for all ages during Farm Olympics week. We explore play around the world and sportsmanship. Along with staff CLP’s will bring their own fun into the design and set up of our big field day finish!

8:30-3:30   M-F (before and aftercare available) BC:7:30-8:30am/ AC 3:30-5:30pm



For more information contact:
Melanie Douty-Snipes
215-295-1139 Ext. 105