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  • 2021 Honor Roll of Donors
    2021 Honor Roll of Donors

2021 Honor Roll of Donors

Gifts $100,000 and above: Robert F. Schumann Foundation

Gifts $50,000 to $99,999:

Gifts $10,000 to $49,999:  Anonymous Private Foundation; Foundations Community Partnership; Roger Hoppmann; United States Department of Agriculture; John & Margaret Post Foundation

Gifts $5,000 to $9,999:  Robin E. Seiz; North Branch Friends Meeting; Foundation for Sustainability and Innovation

Gifts $1,000 to $4,999:  Dr. Jeanne L. DeMoss; Danaher Lynch Family Foundation; Jill & Brud Anderson; R. Dixon Bell; Foundations Community Partnership; William Penn Community Bank Foundation; Wawa Foundation; Tzedek V'Shalom Synagogue; Bucks County Commissioners; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; Kiwanis of Washington Crossing-Yardley; Dorothy Wax; Yardley-Makefield Lions; The MAGIC Charities Foundation; Clark and Dee Ann Martin; Noor Phillips; Republic Bank; Philadelphia Monthly Meeting; Steve Nayowith; Susan Vigilante and Lori Hoppmann; Shellie Stoddard & Eric Jacobsen; R. Dixon Bell; Lancaster Archery Foundation

Gifts $500 to $999:  John & Jean Burton; Janessa Smith; Martha Loerke; James & Diane Coyle; Andrea Moise; Morrisville Presbyterian Women; Johnson & Johnson Foundation; Easton Archery Foundation; Martha Loerke; Martin & Elizabeth Ogletree; Washington Crossing Unitarian Church

Gifts $250 to $499:  Lori Hoppmann & Susan Vigilante; Valerie Clark; Thomas Tafuri; Debbie Stasolla; Richard Yang; Kristen Elder; Glenn O'Neil; Marilyn Cichowski; James Furlong; Bucks County International; April Ann Bohmler & Paul van Poperingen; St. John the Evangelist Church; Andrea Scherer; Mary Ryan; Mary Baker; Bucks County Foodshed Alliance; Betsy and Dan Crofts; Spark Nonprofit Consulting; Monica Elias; Robert D. Baker; Jayme Trott; Helen Thorpe; Carolyn Dorph; Toni Scratchard; Kendra Schieber; Susan Madeira; Laurence Parker; Jonathan & Melanie Snipes; Elizabeth Falconi; Ellen Radow Sadat; Ann Perry; Helen Bosley; Agnes Kozak; Deborah Snipes Hale; Steve & Sue Saddlemire; Jamie Fazzalore Truelove

Gifts to $249:  Mike & Robin Hoy; Russell Diamond; Anonymous; Cate Fetterman; Anthony Leitner; Susan Madeira; Barbara Atkinson; Sally Snipes; Bristol Myer Squibb; Grace Hollowell; Judi Reiss; William Ward McMasters; Robert G. Smith; Lisa Edward; Thomas Tafuri; Greg Kriebel; Lisa Bauman; Jean Burton; Patricia Mervine; Tarry Truitt; John Compher; Pamela Caro; Kathryn Shaw; Heidi Franz; Kristen Cox Mehling; Eliza Taylor; Janet Seeger; Ariadne Costa; Kristen Bellamy; Amazon Smile Anonymous Donors; Sallie Gordon; Alice Maxfield; Leslie Marchion; Harriet Jahr-Philips; Debra Granite; Eugene Pevzner; Lisa White; Eileen & Michael DelViscio; Julia Zaidler; Nicole Mariash; Michele Sochalski; Jennifer Childs; Judith L. Keiser; George Higgins; Emily Sills; Mathangi Ashok; Robin Tully; Angela Fernandez; Meredith Fortunato; Gwen Gethner; Ariadne Costa; Susan Snipes Wells; Steve Olshevski; Judith Hodges; Ralph & Carol Germer; Nicole Rodowicz; Jonathan Sprout; Kathy Beveridge; Michael Caro; Nancie Miller; Norman Weiss; Lisa Gage; Andrea Moise; William Schier; Jeanne Suggs; Michelle Evans; Barry Beal; Susan Bryce; Danny Thomas; Roseanne Friehs; Molly Collins; Jamie Rupert; Elizabeth Montemurro; Lauren Nolan; Sarah Zimmerman; Mary Patrick; Melody Thoennes; Ed & Kathy Carter; C.J. Fitts; Ryan Dale; Suzanne & Daniel Mele; Karen Watson; Anat Feingold; Yardley Friends Meeting; John Spellman Family; Kathryn Shaw; Jane Williams; Kay Gering; Robin Tully; Kristy Karlkvist; Linda Mehler; Crofts Family Fund; Cynthia Goode; AmazonSmile anonymous donation; Jen Leventhal; Johnson & Johnson Foundation; Nicole Newhook; Kathryn Shaw; Ryan Dale; Caroline Mathews; Laura Beres; Randi Johnson; Lydia Perez de Oliveira

Gifts in Kind: Mark Kogan; Kristy Root/Twisted Root Chiropractic; Shellie Stoddard; Anonymous; Pam Tice; Anonymous; Jamie Fazzalore Truelove; Snipes Properties

We apologize in advance for any errors or omissions in our Donor List despite our best efforts to be as accurate as possible.  Thank you, also, to our many In-Kind Donors who are too numerous to mention!  Please email or call (215) 295-1138 ext. 102 so that we can correct our donor list.  Thank you for understanding.