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Who We Are

  • Mission, Vision Statement, and History
    Mission, Vision Statement, and History


To model and teach sustainable farming, while building community and reconnecting people to the land.

Vision Statement:

We envision a world where everyone has access to healthy food, open space and the experience of farming, where local economies are strengthened by the preservation of small farms, and where priority is given to sustaining the earth and its natural resources.

As farmland disappears under sprawl, and evidence mounts about the breakdown of natural systems that support life on earth, small groups of people are coming together to envision a new way forward. One such group is the dedicated board, staff, and volunteers of the Snipes Farm & Education Center. 

Founded in 2008 as a 501(c)(3) educational organization, our "outdoor classroom" is located in Morrisville, Pennsylvania. The Snipes family, farming in Bucks County since 1688, has offered the use of the farm for the establishment of our 501(c)(3), a nonprofit educational organization.

We know that your experience with a working farm will increase your desire to protect the natural systems that support all life on our planet. On behalf of everyone here at Snipes Farm & Education Center, we welcome you and hope to see you very soon for a visit! 


In 1682 James and Joan Burgess Moon immigrated to Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Led by William Penn, they accompanied a wave of Quaker refugees fleeing religious persecution in England. These Friends hoped to live a "Holy Experiment" in the New World, where political and religious freedoms would allow the Light in every person to shine. Born of James and Joan, the Snipes family are direct descendants of this movement. They have resided at the present Snipes Farm since 1808 and are the 11th generation to farm in Bucks County. The Snipes family has generously offered the use of their farm for the establishment of Snipes Farm & Education Center. 


Want more information? Watch this interview with Jonathan Snipes, Executive Director of Snipes Farm and Education Center