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  • Little Sprouts: Pre-K Summer Program
    Little Sprouts: Pre-K Summer Program

    children 3-6 yrs

So Sorry, Little Sprouts Playdates are all Full.  Please check for next year's program!

2021 Little Sprouts Playdates at Snipes Farm:

This one-hour long program will include hands-on activities, a farm adventure, a story and a game for your little one to enjoy. Siblings are welcome! You and your child are invited to bring your own snack and enjoy time on our Barnyard playground after the program.  Playdates are from 10-11 with an invitation to stay for a picnic lunch.  $9 per child, ages 3-5 with younger siblings welcome.

July 5: Sensational Seeds and Gardens Galore - Join our kick-off to the Little Sprouts season to learn about green and growing things and the life inside a seed! We will visit places where plants grow-tiny ones at our toes and big ones towering above us; seedlings in the greenhouse, and crops out in a farm field. We will go on a color scavenger hunt to the Children’s Garden and we will get to pick something to taste at home.

July 16: Bountiful Berries - Berries abound when seasons collide with the last of the blueberries and the first of the blackberries! Let’s do the dance of the honey bee as we say thanks for their special work turning flowers into fruit!  Along the way we will take a nice farm walk across the bridge, along the woods out to the orchard.

July 19: Goodness Gracious Goats! - Join us for a program all about goats and how they live! We’ll learn about how they move, their extra special mountain-ready feet, what they eat and the amazing way that they digest their food. We will of course spend time playing with our goats, Belle and Luna! Other hooved friends, feathered and hopping friends will be nearby to say hello to as well.

July 30: Avian Adventures - For this Little Sprouts Playdate we will meet Quail, big chickens and little chickens and see how they are different. We will look at feathers and nests, hear bird songs and wonder what it feels like to have wings and fly and instead of walking with feet on the ground.

August 2: Tremendous Trees - One special thing about Snipes Farm is the arboretum which has been growing for a long, long time. We can meet some of these old leafy friends and find their seeds and saplings as well on our walk. When a tree is blown down in a storm, we can discover what happens as it goes back to the Earth and who might live there! We’ll also take time to make a home for a fairy.

August 13: Vivacious Vegetables  - Little Sprouts will become Little Farmers for this day. From the Children’s Garden to the big farm fields there will be plenty to do. We will do a little planting, a little weeding, a little watering and plenty of sampling from a fresh garden harvest!

For more information, please contact

Melanie Douty-Snipes @ 215-801-9478 

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