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Camp Leadership Program for ages 12-14

CAMP LEADERSHIP PROGRAM for Youth ages 13-15

The Camp Leadership Program (CLP) combines service, leadership development, skill building, adventure and fun! The program is hands-on with 80 acres on a certified organic farm and woods, creeks, fields and gardens to explore. Archery challenges all to be their best whether a novice or experienced. Time with animals is a part of every day. CLP's learn about where food comes from as they care for a big garden and learn from farmers. Culinary arts with Chef Anwar Rasheed will include healthy snack making and a weekly cooking class. There is a weekly field trip for off-farm adventures.

The program includes:

Daily team building

Exploring the farm’s woods, fields, creeks and gardens 

Leadership training to develop listening, facilitation and conflict resolution skills

Camp and farm community service projects including: special animal care,  mural painting, trail and conservation projects

Periodic farm projects with the farm staff

Workshops led by CLP staff and special guests on topics including: art, music, science, world cultures, nature or stewardship 

Weekly field trip

CLPs harvest fresh ingredients and prepare recipes with Chef Anwar

Art, science, recipes and special projects are connected to weekly themes:

Week 1-Critter Capers June 21-25

Take special care of our barnyard critters. Explore habitats of wild animals in the creeks, gardens and forest. Piece together a web of life from our discoveries. 

Week 2-Water Water Everywhere June 27-July 1

Creek adventures, conservation projects, water obstacle course, water life cycle and more!

Week 3-Fairy Tales and Super Heroes July 5-8

Imagination is more important than knowledge, says Albert Einstein. Let's explore known and new stories and choose a few to share with younger campers. Discover your own superpowers!

Week 4-A Bug's Life July 11-15

Small but mighty-40% of all life on Earth! Incredible creators, recyclers and food for others. Find weird and cool bugs in every corner of the farm.

Week 5-Fabulous Friendships July 18-22

Random Acts of Kindness as our middle name. Explore what is possible with leadership and friendship combined. Have fun farm adventures  with new and old friends! 

Week 6-Food is Amazing! July 25-29

Many hands around the world work to grow food from seed-to-plate.  Meet farmers and chefs!  Plant, harvest and enjoy snacks with fresh berries, veggies and herbs from the farm and gardens. 

Week 7-Mad Science August 1-5

Explore, build, wonder, experiment, and learn about how nature and how simple machines work. Meet a scientist and learn about the daily work to solve problems in exciting new ways.

Week 8-Farm Olympics August 8-12

Relays, races, challenges and scavenger hunts with the whole camp farm-style! Learn games from other cultures and make new ones to share with everyone.

June 21st-August 12th, 2022   8:30-3:30   M-F (before and aftercare available)

COST: $410 per week 
*with all available discounts applicable

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For more information contact:
Melanie Douty-Snipes
215-295-1139 Ext. 105