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For 14 years Snipes Farm Day Camp has provided children and youth a place to learn, to grow and to have fun with friends on a farm! 

Our kind and capable staff include a chef educator, art specialist, nurse and counselors.  Five separate "bunk" areas for each of the camper groups serve as their home away from home. The whole farm is the campus including woods, creeks, fields, gardens and orchard. Care of animals, a garden and community are at the heart of what we do.



  • We thought this could finally be a “one of a kind” summer experience for our son. To our delight it was and much, much more. He couldn't wait to go every day. He loved being able to interact with the farm animals every day. He came home dirty and tired and in love with the farm!!
  • Farm camp far exceeded our expectations. Our children are excited to go, and disappointed when it’s over. Farm camp is a collection of unique activities that you won’t find at other summer camps. As a parent I feel that I have provided my children with an experience, not a babysitter.
  • He thoroughly enjoyed his experience and actually cried when it was over. Well worth the money!
  • We chose Farm Camp because our daughter had such a great experience the previous summer. She loved being able to help take care of all the animals; she liked to arrive at camp early just to be able to spend extra time visiting the rabbits and chickens! She was always happy when she came home from farm Camp and excited to tell us about her day. She really enjoyed picking fruit and cooking treats with fresh foods from the farm. Everyone we interacted with at Farm Camp was wonderful and the experience more than met our expectations. We are definitely planning to send her again next year.
  • It was a great experience for him to form new relationships. Staff were great with nurturing those relationships and helping them grow positively. The staff were very pleasant and involved with the kids. You could tell they loved their jobs.