Our Programs

  • Help us relieve hunger!
    Help us relieve hunger!

What we do:

At Snipes' Farm, we believe giving back to the community is a core responsibility of our farm. It is for this reason that we work hard to ensure that we do our part in eliminating hunger within our community. Each year, we partner with the Bucks County Emergency Services Homeless Shelter and the Bucks County Housing Group by donating thousands of pounds of fresh CSA produce to the homeless and needy families of Bucks County throughout the year. Offering healthy, fresh, and organic food for those who otherwise wouldn't have access to it.

We need you!

Volunteer Farmer Hours: Help us with early spring tasks on the farm as we prepare the fields for planting. Help the apple orchard produce fruit, and enjoy the comradery and the great outdoors together! When volunteering, we recommend dressing for outdoor weather (and dirt) with warm boots and work gloves. 

There are volunteer opportunities for individuals, corporate groups, and youth groups.

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