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Creative Environmental Engineering


Creative Environmental Engineering

Every Wednesday for 8 weeks April 7th-May 26th 10am-2pm.

We will study nature’s original engineers by looking at spider webs, bird nests, dormant hornet nests, and ant colonies. Students will learn to use Design Thinking and the Engineering Design Process to build similar structures. By studying form and function, students will learn how the animal built the structure to gain an understanding of nature’s engineers. Weekly STEM Flash Challenges will develop student's creative thinking and team work to solve problems together. We will work on long term hands-on building projects such as da Vinci bridges, rocket ovens, boats, and much more!

Now available for individual Wednesdays.  Cost per day is $48


New registration for the LEAFF Program is through CampDoc!  Please click link below and create a profile for each child.  You are required to complete the health profile with all information requested, authorizations and Permissions.  

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