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Educational Programs

  • Community Education Classes
    Community Education Classes

2019 Community Education Classes & Events

Join us for a class or event this year to gain new skills, and connect to the farm and our mission in new ways! Proceeds from our classes help to support our nonprofit work to grow food for families in need, scholarship local children to Farm Day Camp, and provide educational programs to low-income schools. 

To register, simply email and pay at the door. 

Please note, registration is required for each class.


AS THE SEASON TURNS: Mid-summer Cooking with Agnes

August 24th  10am-noon    CSA Distribution Barn at Snipes Farm

At the peak of color and variety Agnes Kozak will explore storage, cooking and food preservation of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, beans, cucumbers and more. She will explore nutritional values of colorful foods and nightshades. Bring a jar and you will leave with future pickles to enjoy! As always delicious samples await you at this edifying and fun class. $20 per person.


THE POWER OF HEALING PLANTS: Make a Tincture with Lemon Balm and Tulsi
September 14th 10am-noon (Follow signs to the Education Center)

*Note, this class was originally scheduled for August 10th, but had to be rescheduled. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Visit the farm at a time of summer abundance! Learn about Lemon Balm and Tulsi, two supporting and uplifiting herbs for stress and the nervous system.  We will start with a walk to get to know and harvest the herbs, followed by a hands-on lesson on tincture making. We will be discussing the nervous system and how to utilize the summer abundance to create medicine for darker days. Everyone will leave with their own jar of Lemon Balm and Tulsi tincture. $20 per person. Registration required.


THE POWER OF HEALING PLANTS: Roots from the Earth to Make a Salve
October 19th 10am-noon     Snipes Farm House: 878 West Bridge St. Morrisville, PA

This Fall class will focus on medicinal roots and cold-hearty arial plants.  A foraging walk will reveal various plants still in bloom and energy transfering from arial seed production to the roots.  Back at the Farm House Charlotte will lead a salve making workshop blending herbal oils with beeswax. Everyone will leave with an herbal infused salve and instructions to take home.  $20 per person


AS THE SEASON TURNS: Fall Cooking with Agnes
November 9th 10am-noon     The Snipes Farm House: 878 West Bridge St. Morrisville, PA

We will finish the 2019 growing season with a look at Fall crops. Agnes will once again share her wisdom and be our cheerleader as we learn how to store, cook and preserve squash, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, kale and more. We will look forward to enjoying them in winter!  Bring a jar and take home a batch of sauerkraut or kimchee to ferment at home. Prepare a recipe to enjoy together and celebrate the harvest!   $20 per person