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Currently the only visitors permitted at Snipes Farm are CSA members for their brief veggie pick-up on Thursdays and Farm Market shoppers (all are welcome!) on Saturdays from 9am-noon.  Our goats, bunnies, chickens, and ducks will be glad for a little visit at those times. The staff of Snipes Farm practices strict CDC protocol for Covid-19, and visitors are required to wear masks and to respect social distancing as well. Please find our Snipes Farm and Education Center Facebook page for updates, inspiration and ways to support our nonprofit programs.


Farm Summer Programming for Children and Families

Scroll to the bottom for all the details!

Every morning at Farm Camp we divide up into our chore groups. the cooking crew heads down to wash their hands and then to the Cider Barn to make the morning snack for everyone at Camp. For 12 years we have been testing and perfecting recipes and loving both the cooking and the eating! When the Cider Barn kitchen was going to be quiet for the summer, we dreamed up: Farm Camp Cooking@Home, a virtual program that takes cooks on a culinary adventure!

Each child receives a special box of cooking supplies including: 

- Cooking Apron

- Snipes Farm Camp Cook Book

- Food Detective Discovery Log

- Cooking utensils

Six video cooking classes highlight super yummy recipes (a cookie, a dip, a smoothie and more), a variety of cooking skills, and cooking safety. Cooks will use Food Detectives skills to solve mysteries about who, what, where, when and how there ingredients came to be! Food is so fascinating, fabulous and fun!

Best of all will be eating the delicious thing that you have made. We are so glad that you will have a chance to enjoy recipes that we have loved for so long at Snipes Farm Day Camp!

The first video will be available July 21st, 2020 and a new one uploaded every Tuesday for 5 weeks. You can join at any time along the way or after all are available. Videos include step-by-step instructions for campers and their families to make a different Farm Camp recipe each week.  You can enjoy making them at your convenience.

We hope families will upload their cooking adventures to our Snipes Farm Camp Community Facebook page! We would love to see our friends cooking in their kitchens and what they have made!

The cost for the Cooking Box and 6 cooking videos is $100.

You can pick up your box of cooking goodies at Snipes farm, or we would be glad to ship it to your home for an additional $10.

To register for Farm Camp Cooking@Home, please click here!


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Join us in our own new space on Facebook here! Returning camp families and new families alike, will step into the Snipes Farm Day Camp world on our Snipes Farm Camp Community Facebook Page!

Join us on Facebook regularly for a new addition to the 45-Day Camp Song Challenge! We will upload a new favorite camp song to the page beginning June 22nd. Learn new songs, share some of your own, and sing along! Upload a video to the page of your camper or family singing a song!

Join us for Wacky Wednesday Farm Hellos via FB live stream every Wednesday beginning June 24th. We will visit our favorite places at camp and meet our four legged and feathered friends, too!  

We can use the help of volunteers in small groups this summer. If you are interested, please email: to explore the options.

Visit our Snipes Farm Market Saturday mornings at the farm from 9am-noon for fresh veggies, fruit, honey, Mighty Cider wellness tonic, CBD tinctures and salves and the special meat and diary products of Miller's Biodiversity Farm (you'll need to pre-order for Miller's-click here for info.)!

Be sure to visit our four legged and feathered friends when you come to the market!

We so look forward to staying connected this summer with old friends and making new ones

Below can remind us of all the good times we've had, and will have again!



  • We thought this could finally be a “one of a kind” summer experience for our son. To our delight it was and much, much more. He couldn't wait to go every day. He loved being able to interact with the farm animals every day. He came home dirty and tired and in love with the farm!!
  • Farm camp far exceeded our expectations. Our children are excited to go, and disappointed when it’s over. Farm camp is a collection of unique activities that you won’t find at other summer camps. As a parent I feel that I have provided my children with an experience, not a babysitter.
  •  He thoroughly enjoyed his experience and actually cried when it was over. Well worth the money!
  • We chose Farm Camp because our daughter had such a great experience the previous summer. She loved being able to help take care of all the animals; she liked to arrive at camp early just to be able to spend extra time visiting the rabbits and chickens! She was always happy when she came home from farm Camp and excited to tell us about her day. She really enjoyed picking fruit and cooking treats with fresh foods from the farm. Everyone we interacted with at Farm Camp was wonderful and the experience more than met our expectations. We are definitely planning to send her again next year.
  • It was a great experience for him to form new relationships. Staff were great with nurturing those relationships and helping them grow positively. The staff were very pleasant and involved with the kids. You could tell they loved their jobs.