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  • 2021 Honor Roll of Donors
    2021 Honor Roll of Donors

2021 Honor Roll of Donors

Gifts $10,000 and above:  Anonymous Private Foundation; Foundations Community Partnership; Roger Hoppmann

Gifts $5,000 to $9,999:  Robin E. Seiz

Gifts $1,000 to $4,999:  Dr. Jeanne L. DeMoss; Danaher Lynch Family Foundation; Jill & Brud Anderson; R. Dixon Bell

Gifts $500 to $999:  John & Jean Burton; Shellie Stoddard & Eric Jacobsen; Janessa Smith; Martha Loerke; James & Diane Coyle

Gifts $250 to $499:  Lori Hoppmann & Susan Vigilante; Valerie Clark; Thomas Tafuri; Debbie Stasolla; Richard Yang; Kristen Elder; Glenn O'Neil; Marilyn Cichowski; James Furlong; Bucks County International; April Ann Bohmler & Paul van Poperingen; St. John the Evangelist Church; Andrea Scherer; Mary Ryan; Mary Baker; Bucks County Foodshed Alliance; Betsy and Dan Crofts; Spark Nonprofit Consulting; Monica Elias; Robert D. Baker; Jayme Trott; Helen Thorpe

Gifts to $249:  Mike & Robin Hoy; Russell Diamond; Anonymous; Cate Fetterman; Anthony Leitner; Susan Madeira; Barbara Atkinson; Sally Snipes; Bristol Myer Squibb; Grace Hollowell; Judi Reiss; William Ward McMasters; Robert G. Smith; Lisa Edward; Thomas Tafuri; Greg Kriebel; Lisa Bauman; Jean Burton; Patricia Mervine; Tarry Truitt; John Compher; Pamela Caro; Kathryn Shaw; Heidi Franz; Kristen Cox Mehling; Eliza Taylor; Janet Seeger; Ariadne Costa; Kristen Bellamy; Amazon Smile Anonymous Donors; Sallie Gordon; Alice Maxfield; Leslie Marchion; Harriet Jahr-Philips; Debra Granite; Eugene Pevzner; Lisa White; Eileen & Michael DelViscio; Julia Zaidler; Nicole Mariash; Michele Sochalski; Jennifer Childs; Judith L. Keiser; George Higgins; Emily Sills; Mathangi Ashok; Robin Tully; Angela Fernandez; Meredith Fortunato; Gwen Gethner; Ariadne Costa; Susan Snipes Wells; Steve Olshevski; Judith Hodges; Ralph & Carol Germer; Nicole Rodowicz; Jonathan Sprout; Kathy Beveridge; Michael Caro; Nancie Miller; Norman Weiss; Lisa Gage; Andrea Moise; William Schier; Jeanne Suggs; Michelle Evans; Barry Beal; Susan Bryce; Danny Thomas; Roseanne Friehs; Molly Collins; Jamie Rupert; Elizabeth Montemurro; Lauren Nolan; Sarah Zimmerman; Mary Patrick; Melody Thoennes

Gifts in Kind: 

We apologize in advance for any errors or omissions in our Donor List despite our best efforts to be as accurate as possible.  Thank you, also, to our many In-Kind Donors who are too numerous to mention!  Please email or call (215) 295-1138 ext. 102 so that we can correct our donor list.  Thank you for understanding.