Seasonal Field Trips

The farm is a fascinating world for young children. Being here brings their learning experiences to life! There are lessons to be found everywhere on our farm campus. The understanding that is forged when a child picks a Sungold tomato right from the vine, plants a seed in the garden and feeds a chicken is irrevocable. 

We offer a variety of field trip options for students grades pre-k through 12th grade. All of our lessons meet NGSS and PA Science standards. For a complete list of the standards each of our farm lessons meet, click here for the PA Standards and click here for NJ/NGSS.

Farm lessons are most impactful when paired with a pre-lesson in your classroom prior to your field trip to get the students ready and excited to learn on the farm.  Groups are invited to bring lunch and enjoy time in our playground.

We offer two affordable field trip models:  the 90-minute Program is $8.00 per person & the 3-hour Program is $12.00 per person.  Fill out the form below or contact Lea Della Vecchia at 215-295-1139 ext. 109 or to begin planning your field trip.

Contact us today to customize and schedule your field trip!


Choose the lessons that will best enhance your students' learning from the following:


Meet and compare the behavior and anatomy of goats, rabbits and chickens. Learn about their care, diets and homes. Learn about the important ways animals feed the soil and help our plants to grow.


Find and compare wild plants and learn about their life cycles. Learn first hand from seed-to-harvest how farmers grow food. Meet our largest plants-the beautiful towering trees in our arboretum.


Go on a journey to learn about the life of farmers, about edible plant parts, whole and processed foods, seasonality, and how food is grown  around the world.


Explore our Oak-Hickory forest to find animal habitats and look for signs of forest critters, re-enact the reality of a food chain, team up for a scavenger hunt and look for living and non-living things, and make connections between plants, animals, insects, bacteria and fungus.


Find flowers big and small, wild and cultivated that need bees (and other pollinators) to make their seeds. Examine them to find their parts. Become a bee and learn first hand about the many jobs that a bee has inside and outside of a hive.


Teams of 4-6 students use branches and leaves to create unique shelters large enough to fit one person. Plans are made first allowing for all ideas and then work is done collaboratively to complete it. A visit to each is made to appreciate the unique choices and efforts made.


Snipes Farm is 80% solar powered and uses only earth-friendly farming practices. Students compare renewable and non-renewable energy by examining electric and gasoline powered tractors and see them in action. They help with a farm or garden project and learn aoubt the care we take of animals, soil, water and people through sustainable farming.

In addition to your field trip lesson...

Please stay and enjoy our Barnyard playground and bring lunch or a snack to enjoy on the Farm. Shaded picnic areas are first come, first served for your use. Please let us know if you plan to stay for lunch or a snack. On busy days, we suggest groups come with picnic blankets to guarantee a comfortable stay.

Consider a pizza lunch (not available in the summer):

1 slice of pizza and chips: $4.00 per person
2 slices of pizza and chips: $5.50 per person

A cooler of water and cups will be provided to each group ordering lunch.

Rules & Guidelines
  1. All tours are by reservation only, and must be made in advance.
  2. Minimum group size: 15 paying visitors.
  3. Two teachers are admitted free per class of at least 15.
  4. All are welcome! We can accommodate groups with disabilities or special needs. Please specify your group’s special needs when placing your reservation.
  5. Bilingual tours are available in Spanish/English.
  6. We will make every effort to accommodate your group in case of inclement weather, but please encourage your students to dress appropriately for the weather.
  7. Picnic tables are only for use by those purchasing lunch at Snipes Farm and Education Center. You are welcome to bring a picnic lunch and blankets for ground seating.
  8. We want to make your visit to Snipes Farm and Education Center a safe and happy experience. A trip to the farm is a trip to the country! Not all walking surfaces are level, smooth, or paved. Please keep this in mind when preparing your group for their tour.
  9. Please call for more information or to make a reservation: 215-295-1139 Ext. 105
  10. Please help us to provide the best programs possible by responding to our brief on-line evaluation after you have come for your trip. Thank you!

Bring your students to the farm for a field trip full of learning and fun! Choose a tour below, or contact us to customize lessons to meet your needs.


Explore the farm on a beautiful autumn day and meet our bunnies and chickens. Visit the Children's Garden and explore green and growing things.  Learn about seeds and soil and how farmers grow food. Learn about horse power and a child's life on the farm 100 years ago in our farm museum.  Each student takes home a small pumpkin, an apple and a farm coloring page.


Take a hayride to the orchard to learn about how apples grow and "feed" (mulch) the trees. Learn about the life and important work of the bees and visit amazing growing fields. Explore the nature trail on the way to the playground. Each student takes home a small pumpkin, an apple and a farm coloring page. 


The adventure begins with a hayride around the farm and is followed by a fun scavenger hunt in teams in a giant corn maze. Participants search for 18 stations hidden in the corn, which hold the answers to fascinating questions about forests found on their game card. This year's theme is "Lost in the Woods!"                              (Available in Fall only).

Hayrides are available only in the Fall season for each program package.

During the Fall, visit our farm store offering fresh pressed apple cider, fruit pies, candied and caramel apples, mums, pumpkins and more!                Fall farm programs are available Tuesday through Friday.