Bring Snipes Farm to Your School

Avoid the winter doldrums!

Are you interested in what Snipes Farm has to offer, but a field trip is not feasible for your group?

Our farm educators are excited to bring the Snipes Farm experience to you! Meet a chicken and a bunny, check out the worms and soil -- all without getting on a bus! We can provide this program in a classroom, all-purpose room, or in a shady spot outside (weather dependent). We are happy to tailor programming to fit the needs of your group!

Price: $150 for two 30-minute lessons.
Group size: We suggest a group size of 20 children or fewer per lesson to ensure a hands-on experience for each child. Do you have a big group? Inquire about multiple lessons!
Age: 3 years through 12th grade! We will adapt programming to meet the needs and understanding level of your group.
How to Book: Contact Lea Della Vecchia or 215-295-1139 ext. 109 to learn more about how to bring Snipes Farm to your facility.

Rent-a-Chick from Snipes Farm and Education Center!


NEW!! For 2018: Snipes Farm and Education Center is offering the opportunity to rent one-week-old chicks for their classroom. Allow your students to experience caring for baby chicks, learning about chickens and their life cycles, and have lots of fun in the process. We will provide all the information you need to expertly care for your chicks.

Cost: $75

Includes: delivery and pickup of 6-8 chicks, brooder with light, waterer and feeder, chicken feed, bedding, and a 20-minute introductory lesson about chicks!

Interested? Questions? Please reach out to Lea at or call 215-295-1139 ext. 109.

If a field trip to the farm is not the most feasible option, we can bring the farm to your classroom! We can provide one program, multi-session programs, assemblies for large groups, help with the construction of a new school garden or assistance delivering educational programming for an existing garden.

Popular Lessons for the Classroom

Food Detectives: Go on a journey to learn about the life of farmers, about edible plant parts, whole and processed foods, seasonality, and how food is grown around the world.

Life on the Farm: We will bring a bunny, hen, eggs, vegetables, seeds and tools to your classroom while we explore life on the farm with your students.

Farmers Around the World: We will compare local and global food systems. We will follow the path of common foods such as bananas, cocoa, and sugar around the world to our grocery stores to help us really appreciate these foods.

Pricing for each program varies depending on the program length and scope of program design.

Contact Melanie Douty-Snipes at 215-295-1139 Ext. 105 or to learn more about the various options available for farm programming in your classroom.


Snipes Farm staff is available to assist schools looking to establish or enhance their school gardening program. Snipes Farm is presently involved with several school garden programs, and each is a little bit different. We install school gardens and provide educational gardening programs connected to the school garden in the spring and fall seasons. We are open to customizing a project with your school based on need, desired project outcomes, and funds. We are available to assist with grant writing to help get a school garden project started and/or established.


Snipes staff brings exciting after school programs to K-12 students. After-school programs are typically 6 sessions in length. 

In this delicious and nutritious program, students roll up their sleeves and prepare recipes as they chop, blend, grill or bake with fresh ingredients. Students learn to interpret a recipe, measure ingredients, use kitchen utensils, be adventurous with spices and appreciate local, fresh farm vegetables and fruit from Snipes Farm!

Price per child for a 6 session program: $95.00. If the length of the program is more or less than 6 sessions the price will be adjusted.


A 45-minute interactive, multi-media assembly, using music, comedy, circus and visual art to inform and inspire your school community.

This program teaches children about local farms and global food issues and the power each of us has to make healthy food choices, to care for one another and our world.


Discover the incredible world inside a typical brown bag lunch and have a food and farm adventure! The Food Fear Factor Game Show offers a fun challenge to bravely taste new things and to feel the power of making food choices that keep us healthy and strong.

Assembly price: $600 for one presentation; $900 for two back-to-back shows

For more information and/or to book a presentation, please contact Melanie Douty-Snipes by calling 215-295-1139 Ext. 105 or sending an email to for more information or to visit the farm for ideas and planning