2019 Community Education Classes and Events

Join us for a class or event this year to gain new skills, and connect to the farm and our mission in new ways!
Proceeds from our classes help to support our nonprofit work to grow food for families in need, scholarship local children to Farm Day Camp and provide educational programs to low-income schools.
Registration is required for each class.
To register simply email leadv@snipesfarm.org and pay at the door. 

BEGINNING BEEKEEPING: For Would-Be Bee Keepers and the Curious Minded

March 2nd - 9am - noon   Snipes Farm House-878 West Bridge St. Morrisville, PA
Do you savor your morning coffee? Do your children annually host lemonade stands? Do you relish the autumn trip to the farm to pick your perfect pumpkin for Halloween? All of these wondrous things are possible because of pollinators, and there is No better pollinator than the honey bee! Sign up today to learn the essentials of keeping bees: Honey bee biology, hive ware, starting your first hive, ‘Where do I get bees anyway?’ and more! For the ‘lovers but not yet keepers’ sign up to hear insights into these essential pollinators and how YOU can help to foster the one insect that is so significant in our day to day lives! Light snacks and an abundance of information await you!  $30 per person       Registration required
FERMENTATION FOR LIFE: Cheese, Yogurt, Sourdough-Plus Microgreens!
March 16th 9am-noon  Snipes Farm House-878 West Bridge St. Morrisville, PA
Cheese, yogurt and greens, oh my! Agnes Kozak, home fermenter and nutritionist will take us through the step-by-step process of making Quark cheese, yogurt, working with sourdough and growing your own microgreens. Her kitchen wisdom grown over a lifetime will inspire us to seize simple methods to transform the way we understand food and cooking. Enjoy scrumptious snacks and take home the recipes and sourdough starter. Bring a jar and look forward to your own fresh sprouted greens in no time!  $20 per person   Registration required
March 23rd- 5-7pm    Fallsington Quaker Meetinghouse 9300 New Falls Rd. Main St. Fallsington, PA (Make a left at the light!)
Enjoy different pastas, sauce, salad, garlic bread and dessert and help to send local children to Snipes Farm Day Camp this summer! Middle School campers from the Camp Leadership Program, parents and staff will help make and serve the dinner. We will inspire you with favorite camp songs and stories from our summer adventures! $10 for adults $7 for children 12 and under.
(Please email: melanieds@snipesfarm.org if you plan to attend, but we'll also make extra for last minute guests!) 
FERMENTATION FOR LIFE: Kombucha, Veggies and Fruit
March 30th - 9am -11am   Snipes Farm House-878 West Bridge St. Morrisville, PA
Join Agnes Kozak, passionate home fermenter and nutritionist, to learn about the wonderful world of fermentation. We will explore the process of how to make Kombucha, sauerkraut, cider vinegar, ferment root veggies, fruit and more. Everyone will leave with a scoby to make a batch of kombucha. Bring a jar and leave with zesty veggies to look forward to!  As always there will be sampling of Agnes' home brew, tasty snacks and a good time had by all. $20 per person
April 7 - 2-4pm      (Follow signs to the Education Center)
Join us for a tour of Snipes Farm by hayride to take in the beauty, fields, woods and orchard along the way. Meet the happy hens of Cluckingham Palace who lay our eggs! Also meet farm staff, camp staff or both to learn about programs that bring health, vitality and joy to participants. Farmers will share about membership in the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and the 24 weeks of fresh organic veggies, fruit and eggs that come with it. Camp staff will take visitors around the headquarters of Farm Camp to learn about our activities, meet animals, do a camp craft and enjoy one of our favorite camp snacks. All will leave knowing more about the nonprofit mission to make Snipes Farm and Education Center a farm for everyone: growing food for families in need, providing camp scholarships to local children and education programs to low income schools. Join us to learn and have fun on the farm! Great for the whole family! Free-no registration needed

YOU CAN DO IT! Successful backyard organic gardening

April 13th - 9am - noon        (Follow signs to the greenhouse!)
Learn from long-time gardener/farmers Susan Snipes-Wells and Victoria Lautsbaugh about the nuts and bolts of successful organic gardening. There will be lecture-demonstrations at the farm and gardens of Snipes Farm.Topics will include: site selection and design, seed selection and ordering, soil preparation and stewardship,use and care of tools. You will leave with a bag of compost, seeds and instructions to embark on your own home gardening.  $30 per person.



April 27st - 9am - noon  (Follow signs to the Education Center)
Join the farm crew for hands-on projects around the farm which will help kick-off our 2019 growing season with spirit! As you help, you will learn about organic farming, Snipes Farm programs and meet our animals.  Join us for an hour or two, or stay through our potluck lunch. Bring something to add to the lunch table and enjoy fellowship with farmers and friends. Consider bringing your family, youth group, scout troop or colleagues.  Free.  Please email LeaDV@snipesfarm.org to register, but last minute planners will be welcomed!


THE POWER OF HEALING PLANTS: Learn to Love Your Backyard Herbs

June 8th 10-noon   (Follow signs to the Education Center)

Join Charlotte Snipes-Wells for a deep dive into our Springtime backyard “weeds”, foraging for common herbs that grow all around us. Prepare to leave with a new outlook on some of Charlotte’s favorite tenacious herbs including Taraxacum (Dandelion) and Urtica dioica (Stinging nettle) among others. The class will include traditional medicinal uses as well as simple recipes and ideas to incorporate herbs into your diet. Everyone will take home a bag of tea and a list of recipes. Charlotte is a graduate of the Home and Family Herbcraft Program of the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine and a student of 7Song of the the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine and Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials.  $20 per person



June 15th  10am-noon   CSA Distribution Barn at Snipes Farm

Agnes Kozak is a champion of fresh food, connoisseur of all things fermented and food preservation. Join her in the first of a series to make the best use of foods grown through the 2019 season. She will demonstrate the proper way to store, cook with and preserve these early crops: greens, herbs, peas, kale, swiss chard and more. As always there will be hands-on tasks and a sampling of delicious recipes to enjoy! $20 per person


THE POWER OF HEALING PLANTS: Make a Tincture with Lemon Balm and Tulsi

August 10th 10am-noon (Follow signs to the Education Center)

Visit the farm at a time of summer abundance! Learn about Lemon Balm and Tulsi, two supporting and uplifiting herbs for stress and the nervous system.  We will start with a walk to get to know and harvest the herbs, followed by a hands-on lesson on tincture making. We will be discussing the nervous system and how to utilize the summer abundance to create medicine for darker days. Everyone will leave with their own jar of Lemon Balm and Tulsi tincture. $20 per person



August 24th  10am-noon    CSA Distribution Barn at Snipes Farm

At the peak of color and variety Agnes Kozak will explore storage, cooking and food preservation of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, beans, cucumbers and more. She will explore nutritional values of colorful foods and nightshades. Bring a jar and you will leave with future pickles to enjoy! As always delicious samples await you at this edifying and fun class. $20 per person


THE POWER OF HEALING PLANTS: Roots from the Earth to Make a Salve

October 19th 10am-noon     Snipes Farm House-878 West Bridge St. Morrisville, PA

This Fall class will focus on medicinal roots and cold-hearty arial plants.  A foraging walk will reveal various plants still in bloom and energy transfering from arial seed production to the roots.  Back at the Farm House Charlotte will lead a salve making workshop blending herbal oils with beeswax. Everyone will leave with an herbal infused salve and instructions to take home.  $20 per person



November 9th 10am-noon     The Snipes Farm House-878 West Bridge St. Morrisville, PA

We will finish the 2019 growing season with a look at Fall crops. Agnes will once again share her wisdom and be our cheerleader as we learn how to store, cook and preserve squash, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, kale and more. We will look forward to enjoying them in winter!  Bring a jar and take home a batch of sauerkraut or kimchee to ferment at home. Prepare a recipe to enjoy together and celebrate the harvest!   $20 per person

For more information call: Melanie Douty-Snipes at 215-295-1139 Ext. 105
email: melanieds@snipesfarm.org