We need you!  Become a Friend of the Farm

As a 501(c)3 educational organization, we work hard to be environmentally sustaining and financially self-sustaining.  We must raise all the funds we need for farm operations, supplies, equipment, farm and education staffing, building costs and maintenance.

By becoming a Friend of the Farm you become an important part of preserving farmlands, natural forest, and historic buildings for future generations and help to keep the Farm open to the public throughout the year. 

The Farm is an invaluable community resource in which you can safely invest and also see the practical impact of your gift.  There are several ways to join us as a Friend of the Farm.  Consider an annual or year-end gift of:


Bushel boxes for organic produce


Potting soil for seedlings


Pruners, digging forks & garden gloves

$300 ea

Farm Field cart (need 4)


Sponsor a needy child through one week of Summer Farm Camp


A half share of local veggies for a needy Bucks County family (26 weeks)


Thousands of seeds for cover cropping (to suppress weeds, manage  erosion, improve soil fertility, control diseases & pests)


Sponsor an educational Farm tour for a Title I school (one classroom of low-income elementary school students)


A homeless child can enjoy 3 weeks of summer farm camp

And some of our larger needs:


Bird-proof blueberry bush netting

$1500 ea

Park-quality picnic tables made of recycled materials (need 10)


Durable farm playground equipment


Deer fencing


Portable irrigation system


Environmental education & multipurpose classroom


snipes farm

Students:  As a Friend of Snipes Farm you could help our programs to reach, educate, and inspire even more children. On any given day, you’ll find farmers tending crops, animals giving us food and fertilizer, and children exploring and learning about the solar panels that power the farm using energy from the sun.

The Farm:  As a Friend of the Farm, you would take part in maintaining this dynamic and beautiful place. Set on a historic 6-generation farm in Morrisville, PA, our non-profit organization has served the community in exciting ways for more than five years.The farm staff grows food for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, and our members enjoy organic vegetables and fruit from June to November. 

Community Sustainable Agriculture (CSA):  As a Friend of the Farm you would support this important life-giving work, and help provide needed equipment and materials to reach even more people. Snipes Farm and Education Center builds community through volunteering, and health and vitality in our members by providing diets infused with fresh produce. Sustainable practices improve the soil’s fertility with the help of animals, crop rotation, and cover cropping. 

Giving Back:  As a Friend of the Farm, you will help fresh food reach families in need. Finally, and we think most importantly, fresh food from our farm is donated to Rolling Harvest and Farmers Against Hunger and distributed to area soup kitchens and food pantries. 

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Let’s learn and grow together! Become a Friend of the Farm today!


We Thank Our Generous Donors!

$10000 and above