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Curious about our CSA and want to meet our farmers? Join us on Thursdays at our CSA market on the farm
from 3 pm to 7 pm, and meet our farmers. 

What is CSA?   Sign-up for your CSA share today!

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between a local farm and a community of supporters. Supporters help cover a farmʼs yearly operating budget by purchasing a share of the seasonʼs harvest. Along with the farmer, CSA members assume the costs, risks, and bounty of growing food. Click here to meet our farmers.

Members help pay for seeds, greenhouse and field costs, water, labor, and equipment maintenance. We use no GMO products, no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, start with organic seed and utilize a rotation and soil management plan. In return, the farm provides, to the best of its ability, a healthy supply of seasonal, fresh produce to CSA members throughout the growing season. This mutually-supportive relationship helps create an economically-stable, sustainable local farm operation, encouraging a healthy environment and responsible land stewardship.

Exciting new flexibility in our 2017 CSA program! We have TWO options, the MARKET SHARE and the TRADITIONAL SHARE.

The Market Share

Once the growing season begins, you have the freedom to pick out the produce you like each week. You are given a CSA member card, like a debit card, to use weekly. We deduct the market price of each item from your balance. Your Market Share member card also gives your access to fruit, jam, MIGHTY Cider, eggs, and more! Click here to read our FAQs.  

Market Share Levels

Choose between four market share levels, depending upon your needs.  And, by paying early you earn a valuable vegetable bonus.  The sooner you pay, the larger your bonus.  

We have also added a special offer for the remainder of the 2017 growing season, a $200 Market Share! 


If you pay
in full by:
$400 Level

$ value added
to your card
$500 Level

$ value added
to your card
$600 Level

$ value added
to your card
$700 Level

$ value added
to your card
Jan 31st $54 $70 $87 $105
Feb 29th  $50 $65 $81 $98
Mar 31st $46 $60 $75 $91
Apr 30th $42 $55 $69 $84
May 31st $38 $45 $63 $77
Jun 30th $26 $35 $45 $56

Sign-up for your CSA share 

How do I decide which share amount is right for me?

If your family eats about $16 of vegetables each week, then a $400 share may be right for you.  If your family eats about $28 of vegetables each week, then a $700 share may be right for you.  For example:

$16/week = 3 cucumbers, 2 lbs. of tomatoes, 1 eggplant, 1 head of lettuce, 2 lbs of potatoes.
$28/week = 3 cucumbers, 2 lbs. of tomatoes, 1 eggplant, 1 head of lettuce, 2 lbs. of potatoes, 1 quart of green beans, 1 bunch of scallions, and 3 sweet peppers.   

Since the number of shares are limited, sign up early!  If members use their balance up before the end of the season there is no guarantee there will be more available.  

How Distribution Works

Members receive a member card with their total prepaid share amount plus their early sign-up vegetable bonus.  Each week they pick out their vegetables and the market price of the vegetables is deducted from their card balance.  For members who prefer the traditional CSA model we offer a suggested share each week.  CSA members are notified each week via email of the upcoming CSA market.

Benefits include:
- Choose exactly the vegetables you like each week within the limit of what is available to harvest. 
- Earn a bonus by paying early.
- Conveniently come and pick out produce without needing to bring any money. 
- If you skip a pick up, use more of your balance one week and less another. 
- Choose a market share level depending on your needs. 
Two distribution days: Thursdays at Snipes Farm and Saturdays at Yardley Farmers Market.

There will only be a relatively small amount of fruit and other added-value items available on a limited first-come, first-served basis throughout the season. Expect the bulk of your CSA share to consist of delicious, fresh vegetables.

The Traditional Share     Sign-up for your CSA share 

Eat ultra-fresh food, with all the flavor and vitamin benefits; get exposed to new vegetables and new ways of cooking. You will find that kids typically favor food from "their" farm, even veggies they've never been known to eat.  Children can develop a relationship with the farmer who grows their food and learn more about how food is grown.

Whole Share $700:  Our farmers make the choice of 8 to 12 different vegetables for Traditional Share customers (depending on seasonal availability) with a family of four in mind.  You pick up your whole share weekly beginning Thursday June 1st and lasts for about 25 weeks.  This depends on the growing season.  For example, vegetables might be ready to pick a week before or a week later.

Half Share $400:  As with the whole share, our farmers make the choice of 8 to 12 different vegetables for Traditional Share customers (depending on seasonal availability). You pick up your half share (the same volume of veggies as the whole share receives) every other week beginning Thursday June 1st.

 Market Share Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if I don’t use my entire credit during the growing season?  A: Since we use funds for your vegetable production credits will not be available for refunds.  If you feel you are not able to use your credits fast enough before the season ends, you can choose to donate credits to Bucks County families in need.  

Q: What if I use up my credit too early?  A: If we have surplus vegetables, you can add credit to your account.  

Q: What if I get to the farm late?  Will there be the same variety of vegetables available?  A: Yes. There are limits to the most popular vegetables so everyone gets their fair share. You can email us at if you need to change your pickup location.

Q: Will there be pick-your-own?  How will it work?  A: Yes. We invite you to pick a specific amount of each vegetable.  You let us know how much you picked and we subtract credit from your member card accordingly.  

Q: Will I still get the same great variety of vegetables?  A: Yes!  Despite being less familiar, we grow delicious kohlrabi, mizuna, pac choi, and escarole, for example.  We encourage you to eat adventurously, and share recipe ideas.  

Q: What if I prefer the traditional CSA model?  A:  You can still get a traditional full share.  

Q: Can non-members shop too?  A: Yes, we have produce for sale at the Yardley Farmers’ Market.

Fruit at Snipes:

If you purchase a Market Share then you can use your prepaid member card towards fruit, jams, Mighty Cider and other special items throughout the season.  Keep this in mind when deciding which share level is right for you.  If you purchase a Traditional Share then all of these items will be available to you for cash purchase.

Fresh naturally grown fruit straight from the farm!  Our Fruit Calendar:  

Blueberries – mid-to-late June through mid-July
Blackberries – mid-July through August 
Raspberries – mid-August through mid-September 

Depending on Mother Nature, we may have frozen blueberries or blackberries available at various points during the season.

Pick-Your-Own-Apples are $1.99 per pound and are available weekends only from September 24th-October 30th. Our orchard has many different varieties to choose from throughout the season.  Early-Mid October:  Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Stayman Winesap, Jonagold, Empire, Melrose, Ida Red, Keepsake, Royal Court, Crispin, Honey Crisp, Fuji.  Late October:  Rome

Our apples are different You won't find apples grown like ours on any other farm in Bucks County or the surrounding area. We do not use pesticides or chemical sprays in our orchard, therefore, our natural apples may have spots and not be grocery-store perfect. They are, however, the most delicious, healthy apples you'll find anywhere.

Sweet Apple Cider

During apple harvest season, we produce what we believe is the very best apple cider in Bucks County!  We take our wonderful apples and press them to make our Sweet Apple Cider.  Because apple varieties mature at different rates, and because we make small batches to ensure freshness, every pressing has its own unique flavor. Our cider is sold in a gallons, half gallons, pints and half pints. Our cider is pasteurized, however, if you are interested in raw cider please call or email us at

1 gallon sweet apple cider = $8
1/2 gal. sweet apple cider = $5

 available in-season only


Snipes Farm is very excited to be producing our very own apple cider vinegar infusion...MIGHTY Cider.  We take our farm-pressed raw apple cider vinegar and steep ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper, garlic and herbs for weeks.  then we top it off with a bit of our honey, and what we have is an inspiring infusion with a kick!  All of the ingredients of MIGHTY Cider are grown with our ecological philosophy and practices right here on the farm.  You can sample MIGHTY Cider at the Yardley Farmers Market or on the farm at distribution on Thursday afternoons.  Give it a shot!

MIGHTY Cider pint - $20
MIGHTY Cider half pint - $12

Helping Our Community:  We partner with the Bucks County Emergency Services Homeless Shelter and the Bucks County Housing Group by donating thousands of pounds of fresh CSA produce to the homeless and needy families of Bucks County throughout the year.

Volunteer Farmer HoursWe need you!  Help us with early spring tasks on the farm as we prepare the fields for planting. Help the apple orchard produce fruit, and enjoy the comradery and the great outdoors together! When volunteering, we recommend dressing for outdoor weather (and dirt) with warm boots and work gloves.  Contact us at

Farmers Markets:  We will be at the Yardley Farmers Market (Buttonwood Park, 25 S. Main St., Yardley, PA) on Saturdays 9:00 am to 1:00 pm from mid-September until late November with farm fresh veggies, apples, sweet cider and Mighty Cider.


Meet Our Dedicated Farmers...